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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome to my new blog

...which I don't really know what is about. Probably just a hodge podge of interests.

Here are a few posted items:

The Music of Jelly Roll Morton
Eritrean Tigre songs
Mercury's "true colors"
Sunset on the North Pole
About the Economic Crisis
Blog Action Day
How to Build a Flying Saucer System
In the Neighborhood: Nooks and Crannies

Scroll down to the + section for my pages and notebooks. I'm currently working on a bunch of projects.

The 20th Century Timeline is in webpage and can also be viewed and commented upon in blog form at 20th Century Timeline Blog. This is an audio/visual outline of the twentieth century.

Facilitating Online Communies was a writing project I did for the further development of a series of articles to proceed from Building the Democratically Organized Web Community for the Discussion Workshop. Some of the 90+ items produced for that course were the Glossary of Terms, What is a Forum and at least several other page starters in rough draft for a complete series on latitudes and longitudes and group unity and division of groups based upon "The Time Divide". In the webpages The Common Ground of the Conscious Day and In the Neighborhood (not to be confused with the blogpost called In the Neighborhood) I begin a tour of the longitude of 75ºW, looking at the incredible diversity of one very narrow longitude on the map. In 2009 I am going to continue this theme in greater depth.

I also have heavy interests in classic literature reflected in the Great Books notebook, Artie's Bookshelf and Artie's Library. If any titles are of common interest to us, I would be interested in blogging through a book with you.

I've spent the last few years reading alot about evolution and anthropology and archeaology. The Evolutionary Anthropology notebook and Hobbits and Ears notebook are just some loosely connected musings. In particular, I am interested in how round ears have developed in primates.
I also have a keen interest in applying socratic dualogue form to ethical questions concerning online community.

And some other miscellany include:
Delicious Artimustard bookmarks
Delicious Artimustard tags
Dialogue on Socratic Dialogue
Large World Map 2.3MB
Music & Video notebook
Time Zone Map
Topical Ideas
UFO notebook

Much of this is a work in progress, so some poats and pages may look pretty sketchy. Probably because I just dumped a load of collected notes that still need arranging. You might give something a nudge by commenting.

If you want to be involved in developing any of these projects just drop me a note on one of my blogs or at artistsforanarchy which is a gmail account.

I could use some help with the Timeline since it seems to be heavy in the Arts. It could use a better balance of Political and Sports related items.

A word about comment moderation. The policy is that the public always has the right of way on an open circuit. All comments of whatever nature are welcome here. Any "moderating" done on any comments is purely accidental. The only time comments are lost is when I unpublish or delete a post. In such an instance, we can always save a copy of the entire exchange as a webpage.

I have also be set up a calendar called Arranging Appointments for project work. For example, I may schedule to be at delicious or swicki or on a certain blog project on a certain day. Through the calendar we can meet and work together.

Lastly, we have The Whole Earth Blogalog 60 second anonymous posting. Use the timer in the right column to get yer goin'. We need some writing prompts to get started.

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