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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Action Day

Today is "Blog Action Day" whatever the hell that is. These jokers want to end poverty! OK. I'll tell you how to end poverty: Stop living in poverty.

This gets me.

Who is it that is living in poverty in this world? The First World. You are the ones that are facing disaster.

I have met plenty of "poor" people in this world and it changed me around. The USA tops the list of most impoverished nations on the globe. Get out and go meet the "poor" people of this world. Go live with them. It might enrich you.

I'll tell you one thing for sure. When the economy goes to shit, it isn't going to be the poor that go driving their SUV's off the nearest bridge. It aint the poor that are going to fling themselves out of the windows of their huts!

The poor are going to survive because that's all they ever knew how to do. So when the bottom falls out, I'm going to stick with the poor people because I know that I'll survive it with their help!

Put that in yer jumbled eggs and eat it.

UPDATE Jan 2009 - Since writing this in October of 2008, these "rich" people have started going belly up left and right. I would cast my lot with the "poor"!

Plane crash mystery; search on for pilot who jumped

"INDIANAPOLIS - Federal marshals on Tuesday pressed their search for an investment manager Tuesday who they believe faked a distress call before parachuting from his plane over Alabama, leaving the aircraft to crash more than 200 miles away in Florida."

This is just one story of many attempts to escape destruction. Many suicides. 1929 all over again.

Next: Food Crisis

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