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Friday, October 17, 2008

Fingerprint Whorling

Fingerprint Articles

Artie says: What about toeprints?! Because chimps do walk on their feet, we may have trouble finding fingerprints, but I suggest a fine inspection. Seems that their should be a faint rudiment, unlike in human toes where the fingerprint is completely erased.
Depends. Where opposable thumbs are present, if there are fingerprints on the fingers but none on the toes, I think it must be because the fingers are precisely used for the manipulatation of tools. I believe that the whorling of fingerprints must have evolved through handling of objects and tools and contact of each finger with the opposable thumb.

QUESTION: What's on the tail of a New World monkey that we humans have as well, and essentially for the same biological reason, though for us their cultural function gets most of the attention? -- St. J. Davis

: Fingerprints, a.k.a. friction ridges or dermatoglyphics (literally, finger writing), which appear on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet of many mammals, says Nina Jablonski in Skin: A Natural History.

Many have lines and prints on their palms and hands. The lines are easily explainable from the opening and closing of the hands. In the case of humans having these lines on the feet, it is evidence of once having four "hands". New World monlkeys have prehensile tails that they use for grabbing and gripping. Thus the fingerprints on the tail.

Complete fingerprint samples here we see the relationship of each finger to the hand and thumb

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Artie says: This section is concerned with whorling as the ears seem to have whorls from the inner to outer ear. The only other swirling of skin on the body, to my knowledge, is the whorling of fingerprints. How do whorls on the fingertips come about? although there is much said about palmprints, fingerprints and sole, I found nothing about toeprints. What I am looking for is a toeprint in the sense of a fingerprint. Not just the outlined shape of the toes but prints on the toes. I will see if I can examine a newborn baby for toeprints. Another question is: do chimps have toeprints? Why is this important? Because if fingerprints are the result of friction between the thumb and fingers then toeprints would be lost as the opposable thumb straightened and human stood up. So maybe chimps have prints on their toes? I can't find any clear pictures on the web so I'll have to visit a zoo.
BBC NEWS | UK | England | Northamptonshire | Police seek out Roman ... "The oldest fingerprints I knew of previously dated back to the 16th Century." He studied images of the nine pieces of pottery, but was unable to determine ... A short history and some results of the dermatoglyphic studies in ...
The oldest fingerprints found in Hungary were published by. Cseplák (1975, 1982), who found them on the 6500-7000. year-old pottery fragments of a neolithic ...
Animal Fingerprints
Humans are not the only ones with fingerprints! Some primates, including gorillas and chimpanzees, and koala bears have their own unique prints. ...
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Do other primates have fingerprints?
Do primates have fingerprints?
Just as in humans, the fingerprints of primates are unique. While closely related individuals may have similar sets, fingerprints develop in utero, ...
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Here you can see the fingerprints of several different primates: Lisa Roet Gallery ... Just as in humans, the fingerprints of primates are unique. ...
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Not only humans have fingerprints: Primates (chimpanzee...): well, that was easy to guess, but don't you know that some primates have also fingerprints on ...
Do Primates Have Fingerprints?
4 Feb 2008 ... Jeff uses the fingerprints of primates he studies to classify them and examine their evolutionary relationships. ...
Sasquatch Research - Ichnology - The Study of Plant & Animal Traces
more information out of fingerprints led him to develop a rare expertise in nonhuman primate prints. He tried to use his special ...
News, Do Primates Have Fingerprints? - Pets - City-Data Forum
5 Feb 2008 ... Q: Do other primates, such as apes, chimps, and monkeys, also have fingerprints? If so, are they also unique to that individual?
AuthenTec | Technology | FAQ
Fingerprints in mammals, including man, seem to have evolved in animals that use their hands constantly and require a high level of manual dexterity. ...
BBC - h2g2 - Koalas' Fingerprints
16 Nov 2006 ... Koalas have fingerprints. Not an outstanding revelation? ... Around 80 million years or so ago, the main lines of mammals split into ...
Do other mammals besides primates have fingerprints? - Ask ...

Transition from Pointed to Rounded Ears in Mammals and Primates

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