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Saturday, April 18, 2009


USATODAY.com - Cave bears traded spaces with humans
Caral Peru
TheStar.com | News | Herod's tomb found
The Morien Institute has kept a close watch on developments since 1999, and has been just as excited about the many new batches of underwater photographs that have emerged of the Yonaguni structures (yes! there is more than one), as we have been dismayed by the many citings of the structure's existence as somehow representing 'the final proof' of the existence of Atlantis and/or Lemuria. We have consistently taken the simple view that, following the dramatic series of rises in sea-levels that marked the ending of the last Ice Age, it is 'inevitable' that more and more evidence of ancient civilisation will be discovered on the continental shelves and shallow seas, everywhere around the world.
Caving In 3
Cairn - Indigenous Populations and Vulnerabilit...
Dinosaur Footprints
Nazca Lines and Culture - Crystalinks
New Nazca Lines. Pre-Inca Civilization. Yamagata University,...
Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art
Early Monumental Architecture of the Peruvian C...
The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc
Discovery of Middle Asia Cities Recasts Ancient...
oldest cities are NOT near rivers lakes or seas!!
Suns and Planets in Neolithic Rock Art
When Lions Ruled France | Natural History | Find Articles...
Evolution: Humans: Origins of Humankind
Mud Brick Making
Explore Peru's oldest city - South America- msn...
Siriusly ~ Ancient Civilizations (Nazca)
mud brick house sm.jpg
The Incas: Or, The Destruction of the Empire of Peru
Geoarchaeological evidence from desert loess in...
ArchNet: Human Origins & Evolution
History of The Ancient City of Pompeii
The magnificent ancient city of Pompeii was left buried under about 20 feet of earth and ash. Pompeii was originally only 500 meters from the sea, but after the eruption the distance to the sea increased to two kilometers.
Chauvet Cave - The cave paintings and rock art of Chauvet
The History of Human-Animal Interaction - Ancient Cultures...
Ollantaytambo: Living Inca City - Official Web Page
Mysterious Antarctica may be the home of the ol...
Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc
British Archaeology, no 50, December 1999: News
6th century sacrifices
Making Bricks
Europe Rock Art & Cave Paintings in France
Colección de obras y documentos relativos a la historia...
The Archaeology Channel - Caral Interview
World Mysteries - Mystic Places - Nazca Lines
Peru's Nasca Lines Point To Water Sources, Suggest UMass...
Caral Civilization Peru
Ken Nash: Unauthorized!
BBC News | Sci/Tech | 'Earliest writing' found
Morien Institute - The Human Scale - a tribute to the...
Wild Horses (Natasha Bedingfield)
Civilization in Americas 1000 Years Earlier
Voyages of the Pyramid Builders
pyramids are communication devices?
Otzi The Iceman - Crystalinks
he shoes have since been reproduced by experts and found to constitute such excellent footwear that there are plans for commercial production

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